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Rebecca Lee is a freelance artist led creative studio. We support the work of  arts organisations, music ventures,  social enterprises, museums and festivals to apply thoughtful,  innovative and engaging respite/ artistic / social interventions into their place-making and events.  Our design approach is led by the Social Model for Disability.

'People are at their happiest and most content when they feel connected; this could be to their environment, with one another or to themselves. Arts spaces, live events or 'happenings' are excellent because they enable this for us - they get us out - immersed in the immediacy of our world - allow us to slow and authentically feel a part of 'this'. If the production team gets it right then these places or happenings form valued experiences - becoming 'our place' or  ritual, consistently penned in the notes on our diaries and kitchen calendars year in, year out. We focus on narrative led projects that encompass this feeling of belonging, that break through monotony and create space and agency for those flickers of unexpected joy and spontaneous fun'.


Past clients include Literacy Goes M.A.D.D, Oxfam, Kate Rusby's Underneath the Stars Festival, Dotted Line Music Management, East Anglia Children's Art Festival; Once Upon A Festival, Arts at the Old Fire Station & Oxford Playhouse. To get in touch or to request a full CV please click the envelope...

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